The Best, Most Ridiculous Movies of All Time | Film Review

Have you ever started watching a movie and maybe it started out how you thought it would, but then it completely went off the rails in the best way? Those are my favorite kind of movies. I've made of list of the best, most ridiculous movies of all time (well, of all the movies I've seen, and I've seen thousands at this point in my life). Without further ado, and in no particular order, here is the list: I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988) This movie is about a man named Jack Spade, who recently came back to his hometown after learning his older brother died of wearing too many gold chains. He learns that an evil man named Mr. Big is responsible for the crime in his neighborhood, and decides to

How to Have a Good Relationship | Advice & Tips

My History I've been married to my husband for approximately ten and a half years. We met in Europe while in the military together and have moved all over the United States together. We have been best friends throughout our entire time together. About a year before I met my husband, I remember clearly thinking that I had never met a couple who had a relationship I admired. I had dated guys and wasn't really impressed with how they treated me. Looking back, I always immediately knew that they weren't right for me, yet I persisted in trying to make things work because the examples I had seen in my life showed me that you had to struggle in a relationship to make it work. One day I was fly

The Forest (2018) | Video Game Review | Tips, Hints & Spoilers

The Forest is a survival horror video game that was released by Endnight Games on April 30, 2018. I actually bought the game and played it in beta mode in 2014 and have seen how the company has improved the game over the last four years. My History with The Forest From the moment I started playing The Forest, I realized it would easier for me to play the game co-op rather than single player. The first time I played the game, I went into a cave and immediately got killed, so I figured I'd just stay out of caves and would be okay. I was wrong, so wrong. The next time I played, I got killed by some cannibals, so I realized you're not really safe anywhere. I stopped playing the game for a wh

Which Techniques Work Best for Insomnia? | My Experience

Insomnia is the worst, let me put that out there. You lay awake, exhausted, hoping that at some point you will fall asleep. Sometimes you do fall asleep and you end up sleeping a decent amount of time, while other times you may get a few hours of sleep, and sometimes you won't get any sleep at all. Insomnia can have all sorts of causes. Mine were a myriad of anxiety, being on changing work shifts, having a circadian rhythm that doesn't match a normal 9-5 work schedule, and unhealthy sleeping habits. My History of Insomnia I've had insomnia off and on since I was in the military and I believe part of that was my anxiety. The other part was my work shifts (days, swing shift, and mid shift

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