Do Weighted Blankets Work? | Anxiety & Insomnia | My Experience

What Are Weighted Blankets? Weighted blankets, or sensory blankets, are blankets that are filled with plastic beads, which are evenly distributed into pockets, similar to a quilt. Some weighted blankets are filled with beads and poly-fil, which give the blanket more body and softness. Who is a Good Candidate for Weighted Blankets? Weighted blankets can be used for those who have autism, sensory disorders, anxiety, sleep disorders, and anyone who enjoys deep pressure on their body. I do not have autism, but I do have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), previous bouts of insomnia, and I enjoy deep pressure. Deep pressure can be forms of contact such as massage therapy, firm hugs, or pressure

25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Here are 25 things you may be surprised to learn about me (and aren't in the About Me section of my blog): 1. My favorite place in the world that I have visited (so far) is Interlaken, Switzerland. (The picture to the right is a picture I took at Interlaken in 2007). The colors there are so vibrant and pictures cannot capture how beautiful it is. 2. My favorite drinks are iced water, iced tea, and chocolate milk. 3. Halloween is my favorite holiday and fall is my favorite season. 4. I love reading books and I can read very fast. When I was a teenager, I had, at one point, read every book in the young adult section at my library. I asked the librarian what I should do and she suggeste

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