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I know most of you don't know me, but I have the most random thoughts pop into my head throughout the day. Most of these thoughts are spoken out loud when my husband is around, so he knows how weird I am, but I thought I'd share some so completely random strangers would know too. 'Cause you know, why not? In no particular order, here are some random life observations I've recently had: Can Kylo Ren be called Kylo Ben since he turned to the light side? Voldemort was a racist serial killer. My husband and I once went to Belgium and saw one of those people who dress up like statues and then all of the sudden move, scaring the crap out of random people. We thought it was really cool until we

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I disappeared. Yes, I totally did. Sorry about that, but I had to move for the 30-ish time and this time it was across about half of the United States. You would think a move from Europe to the United States would have been worse, but it really wasn't. Would you know it, being in the military had some pretty cool benefits, like having complete strangers come in your house, pack everything themselves, then move it all for you on both ends. Not being in the military and trying to move an entire house with just you, your husband, and your dog is a lot different. Especially when you're disabled and your husband's back is jacked up. The dog in question did nothing but complain a lot the who

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