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Quirky movies you may not have seen yet (and totally should)

Have you ever wanted a list of quirky movies from someone who loves them? Of course you do! I have compiled a list of the best quirky movies I have come across in my lifetime that you may not have seen and might really like.

1. Timer (2009). I love this movie because it is so original, funny, dramatic, and engaging. In it, society has taken on the problem of finding true love. People are tired of dating or marrying someone, only to find that they are not a match, so a company has made a device that is attached to the inside of the wrist that lets the person know when they will meet their perfect match, whether it is immediate, in a few months, or several years, the timer will tell the person exactly when their life will change forever. The story follows a woman who questions whether love should be left to destiny or if she should trust in the technology of the timer. I loved all the characters and the questions the new technology brought up. Currently, this movie is being shown on Netflix Instant.

2. Bernie (2011). This movie was especially interesting to me because it is based on a true story. (Slight spoilers ahead if you are not familiar with the real-life story). In the movie, Jack Black plays Bernie, a mortician who begins spending time with Marjorie Nugent, a rich elderly widow, whom he later murders. The story is explained by people within the town Bernie and Marjorie live in, and why they believe Bernie was not at fault for the murder. The people included in this film are engaging, charming, and hilarious, and give different perspectives on the town's view of the murder. One thing to note is that this movie isn't meant to portray the absolute seriousness of the crime, so while it is certainly not altogether lighthearted, it is a dark comedy.

This movie made me interested in the real-life case, and after looking up the details, it seemed to get even more interesting after the release of the movie due to the developments in Bernie's murder conviction. There is really too much to write about, but if you are interested, here are a couple articles that explain some of the details.

Bernie can currently be viewed on Netflix Instant.

3. Gretchen (2006). I don't remember how I discovered this film, but I've never forgotten it. It is funny, sad, and very strange at times, but it all comes together to make a great film. In the movie, Gretchen is a teenage girl who meets the "bad boy" at school named Ricky, and begins an unhealthy relationship with him, as she does not seem to know how to set boundaries. Due to this relationship, she begins to demonstrate behaviors that worry her mother, and her mother sends Gretchen to a place for troubled adolescents for help. The film follows Gretchen as she tries to figure out who she is and where she fits in. While it is not overtly funny, there is a lot of deadpan humor, so if that's your thing, you will most likely enjoy this film. It reminds me of the deadpan humor in Napoleon Dynamite and Wes Anderson films, so if you like those, I think you might like this.

3. I don't feel at home in this world anymore (2017). This film was distributed by Netflix, and when I saw the trailer promoted on Netflix Instant, I knew I had to watch it. The film follows a woman named Ruth, who is fed up with how people treat her. She goes to work one day and after coming home, she finds that her home has been broken into and several important items were stolen from her. After calling the police and realizing that she will not receive the help that she needs, she decides to take matters into her own hands and tries to find the items that were stolen. She finds an ally in her quirky neighbor Tony, and the movie follows them as they track down her things. I like this movie because I have felt like Ruth at times, and wondered when you have to stop asking for help and do things yourself. Ruth does take it too far sometimes, but I could understand her motives and loved how selfless her friend Tony was. I thought the movie was funny, sad, interesting, engaging, and liked all of the characters. Each character was fully fleshed out, and I never felt like any characters faded into the background. This movie is can be seen on Netflix Instant.

4. The Nice Guys (2016). The Nice Guys is that movie you put off watching because you always had something else to watch that took precedence, but let me tell you, you are missing out if you haven't seen this film yet. This film is hilarious. If you were a fan of the humor in Iron Man 3 (I was), you will most likely enjoy this film too because Shane Black wrote and directed both. The film follows two private detectives, who are played by Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. They are both tasked with finding a young woman named Amelia, who is hiding from people who wish her harm. I was interested in this film initially because of Shane Black, but was drawn in even more because I realized I had never seen Ryan Gosling or Russell Crowe in a movie like it before. They both do really well in comedies with dark humor, and I hope they do more because they are great at deadpan humor.

5. He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not (A la Folie...Pas Du Tout) (2002). I remember finding this film completely by accident. When I was younger, I'd go to a local movie store that would run a deal where you could either rent five movies for five dollars or ten movies for ten dollars. I'd always go for the $10 deal and watch movies all day on the weekends, as watching movies has always been a hobby of mine. I picked up this movie because I was under the impression that I was missing out on foreign movies that were never shown at the local movie theaters, and it turns out I was right. This movie is like watching two movies in one. It was the first movie I'd ever watched where I found out I couldn't trust what the lead character was telling me. It made me question movies after that, and I never could shake the thought that maybe in a future movie, the same thing would happen and I wouldn't know until it was revealed to me later, or maybe even not at all. This movie follows a young woman who is head over heels in love with a married man. She puts herself out there, completely believing that he will leave his wife, only to be disappointed time and time again. However, once you get about halfway into the film, you realize that there is another perspective to the film which completely contradicts the story you've been told in the first half. It really is a movie where the less you know, the better, because it's not what you expect. The movie made me feel for the lead characters, as they were believable, and even though they were flawed, they made me like them very much. I never felt bored at any point, and it was interesting to me how my emotions towards the characters changed as the story progressed, simply because of how the story unfolded. It was very much like having a story told to you by a friend who had seemingly been wronged, only to find out that they may not have been as wronged as you thought, and that there may be a psychological cause as to why they perceive things the way they do. This movie is currently available to watch on Amazon Prime Instant.

6. The Kings of Summer (2013). Biaggio. He is one of my favorite characters out of the thousands of movies I've seen, and for good reason. He's completely loyal, deadpan, and pretty much just like me. He is one of the three main characters in the film and definitely my favorite. The Kings of Summer came out of nowhere for me. I remember looking for independent films that were highly reviewed in the film festival circuit and came across this film. I was immediately interested because I like coming-of-age films that include deadpan humor. The film follows three teenage boys, two of whom are fed up with their parents, and one who just wants to be included in an adventure with his friends. The boys run away from their homes to build a house in an untouched part of the woods. They try to make it on their own, only to discover that they may not be so independent as they once thought. This film is one of my favorite films because it is funny, heartbreaking, engaging, interesting, strange, and the relationships the boys have with each other are so real you can't help but connect with each of them. The film is beautiful to look at and brought back memories of building forts in the woods to have a space of your own. If you like deadpan humor (like so many of the other movies I've listed above), you would most likely enjoy this film. This movie is currently available to watch on Netflix Instant and Amazon Prime Instant.

If you have any questions about these films or would like more suggestions about what quirky films to watch, please feel free to ask.



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