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  • Angela H.

Google Fiber Box Blinking Blue? Here is How I Fixed Mine | Help & Advice

Ever since I got Google Fiber (about a year and a half ago), I have had problems with the main box and smaller box resetting and blinking red, then blue. This would happen regularly during the week, no matter how many times I reset it manually.

What I Did

One day, I was resetting the main Google Fiber Box (for the hundredth time), and I turned it on its side to get to the reset button easier and left it standing vertically against the television. I left it that way for a few days, forgetting to put it back, and I realized that the box hadn't reset the entire time I had it standing vertically.

Now, three months later, neither of my Google Fiber boxes have reset since I changed the position of the main Google Fiber box.

What I Think the Problem Was

I think because the fans to cool the box off are on the bottom, the box was getting too hot and causing it to malfunction. Your problem may not be my problem, but I would recommend standing the box on its side (I have the lighted portion at the top so I can see if it's on, etc.) and seeing if that fixes your problem.



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