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Songs to Listen to While Playing First Person Shooters (FPS) | Part Two | Video Games

This is part two of the list I made of songs to listen to while playing first person shooter video games. I listen to these songs while playing because I do not find them to be distracting. I usually play these songs in the background while I am playing an open-world RPG FPS game as I sometimes want more than ambient noise. I listen to more rock and punk pop than anything else, but I have songs from other genres in the list.

I have all of these songs on one of my playlists on Spotify. My Spotify user name is angelmc198 and the playlist is called Songs To Listen To While Playing RPG/First Person Shooters.

Here are some good songs I found to listen to, separated into categories:

Rock Songs

My Heavy (feat. Will Pugh) by Thief Club

Talk About Me (feat. Matty Arsenault) by Thief Club

Follow You (feat. Shane Henderson) by Thief Club

Deadstill by Flights Over Phoenix

Lights in the City by The National Parks

One in a Million by Apollo LTD

Wild Ones by Crusoe

All Time Low by Patent Pending

All-Star Hipster by Patent Pending

Hey Mario by Patent Pending

1990 Awesome by eleventyseven

Georgia by Lydia

Rhythm of Your Heart by Marianas Trench

By Your Side by The Runaway Club

Am I Alive by TEAM

rely by flor

Million Bucks by Smallpools

Out of My Head by The Griswolds

Wallflowers by The Chain Gang of 1974

myfeelingshavefeelings by Bilmuri

Tracer (feat. Ryan Rumchaks) by Right On, Kid!

Grapevine Valentine by Kingsfoil

Want Me Around by Knuckle Puck

We Won't Go Home by The Colourist

When I'm Away by The Colourist

Fine on My Own (feat. the Pride of Mesa Ridge) by Trapdoor Social

Operate by Vesperteen

Me First by Real Friends

Gasoline by Point North

Slower Songs

Hypnotize by Flights Over Phoenix

Kitchen Floor by All the Rest

Turning to Stone by Wildlife

In My Room by Gorgeous War

I hope this list has helped you to find some new songs to listen to while playing video games or has reminded you of some songs you already knew and would like to add to your playlist!



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