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Random Life Observations | Random Thoughts

I know most of you don't know me, but I have the most random thoughts pop into my head throughout the day. Most of these thoughts are spoken out loud when my husband is around, so he knows how weird I am, but I thought I'd share some so completely random strangers would know too. 'Cause you know, why not?

In no particular order, here are some random life observations I've recently had:

  • Can Kylo Ren be called Kylo Ben since he turned to the light side?

  • Voldemort was a racist serial killer.

  • My husband and I once went to Belgium and saw one of those people who dress up like statues and then all of the sudden move, scaring the crap out of random people. We thought it was really cool until we went up to a statue that we were sure was a person. Sure, it was cool until we stood there for a couple minutes and felt like dumb asses when we realized it was a statue.

  • I've never quite trusted statues ever since.

  • I'd really like to see someone fall down the stairs in a knight suit in real life (but not get hurt, of course).

  • Sometimes when my husband and I walk on trails in Florida State Parks, I'm afraid a Dilophosaurus is going to pop out of the bushes just like in Jurassic Park.

  • I ain't goin' out like that, just sayin'.

  • I recently learned if you take Vitamin C and Chelated Magnesium together, it works as a mild laxative. If you haven't pooped in a few days, just try it. But like, don't leave the house and take a road trip right after. You gotta wait, dude.

  • I think movie theater popcorn should be renamed "attempted murder" because I sure as shit felt like I was going to die after eating it.

  • My husband and I went into an ice cream place recently and saw this on the wall: "Life is like ice-cream, eat it before it melts." Sure, buddy. Where the hell were we? A serial killer's business front? Why was ice cream hyphenated? I had so many questions, but I valued our lives too much to find out.

  • I like the thought of a bear fighting an alligator, so it's a really good thing I live in Florida. I mean. living here ups my chances of seeing that by like 100%, right?

  • I wonder if it's possible to launch chum from a potato gun. I would've liked to see Sheriff Brody use that instead of using a bullshit bucket and huffing Old Spice. I mean, it probably would've clogged the potato gun, but I'd liked to have seen him try.

I hope you liked this post about my weirdo thoughts!



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