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What to Do if You Run Out of Toilet Paper | Tushy Spa 3.0 Bidet | Product Reviews

You might be worried about what you're going to do if you run out of toilet paper. I kind of was, too. My first thought was that if I ran out, I'd probably be getting into the shower a few times a day, but you know, I really didn't feel like that was a long-term option. Plus, it sucks.

So, what are the options? I got on the internet and first searched where I could actually get toilet paper at places other than grocery stores and places like Target and Wal-Mart. Articles I found suggested places like Staples and Home Depot, but I couldn't find any at those places either. I really didn't know what other option I had other than to take a shower and rinse off every time I went to the bathroom, but then I came across another article and this one suggested I buy a bidet or bidet attachment.

We don't have room for a bidet, but I was interested in the bidet attachment because you just hook it up to your water and either put it under your toilet seat, replace the toilet seat entirely, or attach it to your wall if it is a spray hose attachment. It doesn't seem to take up a lot of space and if it solved the problem of me having to take a mini-shower, I was willing to try it.

I vetoed the spray hose attachment immediately because it seemed like it would be difficult to use and make a huge mess. I looked at a bunch of different types of bidet attachments on Amazon, but when I looked at the shipping dates, I saw I'd be waiting a few weeks to get one delivered to me. I then looked up bidet attachments reviews and saw that Tushy was mostly highly rated and seemed easy enough to use.

* I am not sponsored by Tushy and they have not given me any free products. *

Tushy has two types of bidet attachments, a classic and a spa. Basically, the main difference is the classic has a cold water hookup and the spa has a cold and warm water hookup. I got the spa version. Now that I have the option, I don't really think the warm water is worth it. Even though our toilet is close to the sink, which in turn is close to the hot water heater, it still would take a while to heat up the water and I don't think it's worth sitting there waiting for it to warm up. The cold water is not really that cold honestly, so I would go with the classic version if you're thinking about getting one.

The best thing about a bidet attachment overall is that I just feel cleaner overall. It actually does clean better than toilet paper and you can go completely toilet paper free if you want. If you do use toilet paper, you only need enough to pat yourself dry, or you can get some washcloths specifically for drying off and wash those accordingly. Or, if being a little damp doesn't bother you that much, you can shake off and then just pull your pants up.

You don't have to buy a Tushy bidet, I just picked that one because it had a lot of good reviews, very few BBB complaints, and it had the option for expedited shipping (it cost me $39.99, but to me, it was worth it). The bidet attachment itself is around $100 and pretty easy to install.

A bidet attachment gives you the option to reduce or completely eliminate toilet paper entirely and for me, I didn't like the threat of running out of toilet paper to loom large over my head. My advice if you do get one, is to completely clean your toilet properly with bleach before you place the attachment in your toilet so you don't run the risk of getting sick or getting an infection.

All in all, now that I am a bidet aficionado (not really, but I've gotten good at using it in only a couple days), I would say I'm glad I tried it out and I like using it way more than toilet paper. Even though I got it because I was afraid of running out of toilet paper, I really feel like it has made my life better overall. I feel cleaner and even though I still use toilet paper to dry off, I use way less than I used to and I personally like to use less paper products anyway, so it really worked out for the best for me. It's really easy to use after you get the hang of it and it eased my mind that I wouldn't run out of toilet paper any time soon.

Final Thoughts:

Have you been worried about running out of toilet paper or do you believe you have enough? Are your store shelves empty of paper products as well or are they pretty well-stocked? What do you think about bidets and bidet attachments? Do you have one or are you thinking of getting one? What do you like about them if you have one? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!



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