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Halloween Haul (2021) | Part One | Random Thoughts

My husband and I love to go and look for Halloween decorations every year. We usually do not get a ton of decorations, but we always end up finding things that we love and can use to decorate our house. Since it is early in the season, I made a part one and will add a part two later on, but early enough that you can go look for the same decorations if you like them.

Here's what we found:

At Home:

37 Inch Resin Decaying Witch - $69

Part of the Spellbound Collection

(She's a little scary lol)

6 Inch Gold Resin Skull - $16.99

Part of the Dark Decadence Collection

Skull with Crystal Eyes - $9.99

Part of the Dark Decadence Collection

Sequin Pearl Skull 6" - $9.99

Part of the Dark Decadence Collection

Glass Scene Candle Holder 4" - $7.99

Part of the Dark Decadence Collection

Multicolored Skull Mug - $4.99

Part of the Halloween Collection - I saw this at an endcap and haven't found it online, so I'm not sure of the official name or collection it is part of. I did see a similar metallic grey mug online for $5.99, however.

Old Time Pottery:

7 Inch Sugar Skull Candy Bowl - $14.99

Skull - I think this was $7.99 - I can't find this on Old Time Pottery's website or anywhere online, but I have been to Old Time Pottery twice and this was still there, along with one that was slightly darker.

Final Thoughts:

I do realize we found a lot of skull decorations this time around, but they were all really cool-looking this year. I've found the most well-made decorations at At Home so far, but have been looking every weekend at HomeGoods, Joann Fabrics and will start looking at Lowe's Home Improvement, Michaels, Target, Spirit Halloween, and Home Depot when they get their Halloween merchandise in.

We went to Bath & Body Works and everything seemed super overpriced to me and not that great as far as quality. Cracker Barrel had a resin ghost that it seemed everyone wanted this season, but they had very low quantity available, so hardly anyone got one. Maybe they'll have more next year. HomeGoods hasn't had much so far where I live and not anything I was interested in. Every other store we checked either didn't have anything or had very few items and nothing we were interested in getting.

It really seems like you have to start looking for Halloween stuff at the end of July and just go once a week. I've found that at At Home I'll find things one week, but the next week it's gone. The same last year with Home Goods and Joann Fabrics. If you see it, don't wait to get it if you can afford it, because in my experience, it'll probably be gone the next time you look. Hopefully Halloween decorations continue to come out, because so far, there hasn't been much at the stores I've visited.

What have you gotten for Halloween this year? Did you find anything really cool? Are you looking for anything specific? Please share your thoughts below!



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