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Random Life Observations | Part Three | Random Thoughts

Every so often, I like to share my random life observations with anyone who reads my blog. I'm not really sure who is interested, but here goes part three.

  1. There's a coral snake that lives in our front yard. I'm not sure who the hell it thinks it is, but I've seen it twice in about two weeks and I think it thinks we are friends. Sure, buddy.

  2. My house seems to be surrounded by many random animals at any given hour. At night, we see two male deer (bucks), three female deer (does), seven raccoons, one possum, one armadillo, like a million different birds (including a bald eagle, vultures, cardinals, blue jays, warblers, robins, crows, hawks, storks, cranes, whippoorwills and a bunch of other birds), many kinds of butterflies, about seven dragonflies, two bats, a million lizards, frogs that seem to live on the windows, eight cats and a pygmy rattlesnake. I'm pretty sure I'm Radagast the Brown's cousin or something. I mean, we live in a suburban neighborhood, so it's weird they have the house surrounded.

  3. I learned recently that basically about 40% of the United States is prone to sinkholes. I learned about how they form, too, but all I can think about is people walking along and dropping into quicksand like in The Princess Bride (1987). Pretty sure that's what it's like, right? Shiiitt. At least in Florida it is, haha.

  4. I also learned about the history of restaurants and way back in the day, like hundreds of years ago, it was illegal to make certain types of food. Want to make gingerbread? Oh, no, you have to find the certified gingerbread guy to make it for you. The same with meats, etc.. Now it's like, wtf can I make? Anything? Cool. Just today I made fermented pickles, so we'll see how that goes. Good thing it's not illegal, you know?

Final Thoughts:

I hope you liked this article. I write these every so often to share some of my random thoughts with you, so thank you for reading!



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