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The Beyond Meat Burger & The Impossible Burger Vs. Beef Burgers | Food Reviews

I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I do eat a whole foods diet with the focus on whole grains, low saturated fat, high unsaturated fat, low added sugar, lower sodium and lots of vegetables and fruits. As far as meat, I eat beef, chicken, fish, duck and venison occasionally.

I wanted to eat less meat from an ethical point of view, because even though I still eat meat, I want to eat less. I decided to start trying plant-based meat alternatives and thought I'd start with the Beyond Meat Burger and the Impossible Burger.

Both plant-based burgers have similar nutritional values as a 85/15 ground beef burger, but I am also basing this review on taste and texture.

The Beyond Meat Burger:

The Beyond Meat Burger is a thicker patty than the Impossible Burger, but the same weight at 4 ounces. When I placed it in a hamburger bun, it didn't quite reach the edges of the bun, but it was fairly close.

The burger itself was easy to cook, only a few minutes on each side to get to the recommended cooking temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The burger browned nicely on each side and was crispy on the edges. The Beyond Meat Burger was cooked uniformly throughout, which is something I can have trouble with when cooking a beef burger.

The texture of the Beyond Meat Burger and the Impossible Burger are the same as far as I can tell. They both remind me of the consistency of a sausage patty combined with a beef patty. It's very difficult to tell the difference between the texture of a beef patty and the Beyond Meat Burger, honestly.

As far as I can tell, the only difference between the Beyond Meat Burger and a beef burger is the flavor. The beef burger has a flavor of iron or blood to me and the Beyond Meat Burger is missing that, but it's not something I miss or find lacking.

The Impossible Burger:

The Impossible Burger is thinner than the Beyond Meat Burger, but it fits on a hamburger bun perfectly. I actually prefer the size of the Impossible Burger to the Beyond Meat Burger because there's no leftover bun on the edges.

The Impossible Burger was easy to cook and took less time to cook than the Beyond Meat Burger. The edges browned nicely as well and the patty was crispy on the edges. I found that the burger was cooked uniformly throughout. The texture of the Impossible Burger and a beef patty were very similar and I thought that if I didn't know I was eating a plant-based burger, I'd think it was a beef burger.

As far as the flavor, I found the Impossible Burger to be the same as the Beyond Meat Burger and I was pleased to find that overall I prefer both plant-based burgers to beef burgers.

Final Verdict:

I was surprised that I liked the plant-based burgers more than beef burgers, as I've eaten beef burgers my whole life. I tried the Boca Burger once and it wasn't my cup of tea, so I didn't realize how much better plant-based food had gotten. I found the price of the plant-based burgers similar to organic grass-fed beef, so there wasn't a difference there. The nutrition is almost the same between the plant-based burgers and the beef burgers, so the biggest change for me is eating less animal meat.

If you are interested in plant-based meat alternatives, the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Meat Burger are two really good options to try and as they are so similar, it doesn't matter which one you get as far as flavor or price.

Final Thoughts:

Have you ever tried plant-based burgers? Have you tried the Impossible Burger and/or the Beyond Meat Burger? What did you think? Do you think there's any difference between them? Do you prefer beef patties to plant-based patties? Please share your thoughts!



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