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The Quarry (2022) | PS5 | Discussion, Recommendations & Spoilers | Video Game Review

The Quarry (2022) is an interactive supernatural survival-horror game developed by Supermassive Games and distributed by 2K Games. It was released on June 10, 2022 on the following platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows. The Quarry (2022) is considered a spiritual sequel to Until Dawn (2015), another interactive supernatural survival-horror video game developed by Supermassive Games.

This review is for the PlayStation 5 console.

In the beginning of the game, we are introduced to Laura and Max, two young adults who are on their way to Hackett's Quarry, where they plan to be camp counselors for the summer. We learn that the couple decided to go up to the camp a little early to see what it looked like before everyone else arrived, but since neither can apparently read a map correctly, they become lost while traveling in their pedo-wagon.

Fortunately, something rather large runs into the road and they swerve to avoid it. Unfortunately, Max is a terrible driver and almost hits some trees while going 90 miles an hour down a small hill. Just so you know, brakes come with every vehicle, Max, even pedo-wagons, like you drive. You don't even have to pay extra to get them installed in your car. You can press them anytime you the middle of the road, before you travel down a hill, after you swerve, etc.. Just saying.

Anyway, Laura and Max get out of the car to see what Max did to the car after being a moron for five minutes straight and find out it's not that bad, but Max is a drama queen and insists his fellow drama-queen mom will kill him anyway. Laura decides that shit is boring and walks off to investigate a strange noise. Well, this is great. Laura's apparently an idiot, too. Max tells Laura to have fun getting murdered in the woods and she goes off to do just that.

Fortunately, you get to control Laura's movements and you get to explore the creepy woods a little and hopefully prevent her from getting murdered by whatever they almost hit in the road. Laura finds some clues about the history of Hackett's Quarry and we discover that the town had a freak show of sorts visit some years earlier (umm, what, excuse me, is it the 1800's? wtf is a sort-of freak show doing visiting in the 2000's?!), with a wolf boy, fortune teller and an escape artist.

Laura decides to leave the woods to go back to Max and they start the car to leave and oh-ho, here's a creepy ass cop that apparently likes to scare the shit out of folks by creeping up to their car windows in the pitch black darkness.

He asks what the hell they were doing and you have some choices whether to lie or tell him the truth. No matter what you say, you end up going to Hackett's Quarry, even though the cop tells you not to go to Hackett's Quarry and tells you to go to a local motel instead. I guess the developers really want us to get murdered tonight and we better make haste. Murder doesn't happen by itself in games, folks, you have to get yourself murdered's fun, you know?

Laura and Max arrive at Hackett's Quarry and try to get inside, but find the large main cabin is locked. I, as Laura, try to leave and the game won't let me. It tells me I must get murdered in the basement, so Laura smashes the lock to the cellar doors after seeing some monster thing in the basement, thinking for some reason it's someone that needs help. Things aren't going well, guys. I know I saw some beast down there, yet the developers tell me I have to go down there and get murdered, trying to gaslight me along the way.

Seeing as how I have no other choice, I play along and go down into the basement with Max. Max gets to sit on the stairs while I go deeper into the creepy basement. I immediately find some collar with a name on it and just a small bit of blood. Great. I show it to Max, but he acts like I just showed him how I eat dried-up white dog turds, so I put it down and keep exploring. I explore all of the basement and don't find anything, but all of the sudden Max gets attacked by whatever was in the basement with us and he's bleeding like a stuck-pig, acting all surprised, like no one knew this was going to happen.

You can either leave Max and book it or try to help him, so I help him and as soon as I get him up the stairs, my oaf ass drops him and he comically slides all the way down, hitting his kidneys and head and bleeding even more, calling me an oaf as his ass hits every stair on his way down. Laura looks like a shocked Pikachu and the cop shows up, screaming about how they didn't go to the motel and injects Laura in the neck with a mystery syringe. They might be dead, but we didn't see them die, so usually that means they will pop up sometime later in the game.

We are soon whisked away into the future, which is the last day of summer camp. We are introduced to a new group of people: Jacob, Kaitlyn, Nick, Dylan, Emma, Abigail and Ryan, who are the camp counselors who didn't disobey the cop and show up early to get murdered by a basement monster. We learn they are about to leave camp for the summer and go their separate ways.

We learn that Jacob and Emma hooked up like a couple of horny beefalos all summer, Abigail and Nick like each other but they are introverted nerds who won't pony up the balls to ask each other out, Dylan is gay and likes Ryan, Kaitlyn is straight and also likes Ryan, and you have to decide later if Ryan likes either Dylan or Kaitlyn more. We also learn that Mr. Chris Hackett is in charge of the group and he wants the whole group gone before the sun goes down for some odd reason (it's probably because the monster in the basement is going to murder everyone, but I digress).

The rest of the game follows the group as they try to get out of the camp before they get murdered one by one by whatever roams the woods and the camp basement.

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* Discussion contains spoilers

This game is so similar to Until Dawn (2015) in gameplay, story, and characters, that if you didn't like Until Dawn (2015), you probably won't like this game. The monsters even look very similar to the monsters in Until Dawn (2015). I really enjoyed playing Until Dawn (2015), so I didn't mind at all. To me, it was like playing a spiritual sequel, just like the developers intended.

The quick-time events are still there, but slightly modified. The choices are a plenty, but it's hard to tell what is going to matter when you make your choice until seconds later, when you get brutally murdered or run to safety. The difference in this game is that you get extra lives, so if you make a mistake and really like a character, you have a chance to save them.

I really hated Emma, so I purposely got her killed and laughed when it happened. I know, I know, you're supposed to save everyone, but I couldn't take one more second of her. She reminds me a lot of Emily from Until Dawn (2015), who I also hated, but whereas Emily had a miniscule amount of redeeming qualities, Emma didn't seem to have any and I couldn't wait until the end of the game to see if she had any. I'll probably save her at some point when I play the game again, but I have no regrets about leading her to murder the first time through. I found a peace like I'd never known when she finally shut up.

I promise I'm not evil. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

Anyway, each chapter is ended by meeting with the fortune teller who was seen on the flyers for the sort-of freak show Laura saw while in the woods in the beginning. You have to find tarot cards in the game, much like the totems in Until Dawn (2015). They will show you clips of the future, but instead of being able to see every clip, you have to choose what tarot card the fortune teller will read, so it limits the help you receive.

The tarot cards are hard to find, just like some of the totems. The tarot cards can usually be found on a wall, tree, or post, so make sure to explore the open areas and indoor areas thoroughly. I didn't find any on the ground (I missed a few, but not many) and they were mostly halfway up, like waist level, so when you look around, look thereabouts.

So, you're probably wondering what happens in the game and why I hate Emma so much, right? Well, in the beginning of the game, Jacob is sad because Emma tells him it's not working out because they will be going to separate colleges which are pretty far away from each other. Jacob and Kaitlyn decide it's a great idea for Jacob to sabotage the camp van so they can stay one more night and Jacob can convince Emma his dick is made of gold or some shit. She might hump you one more time, but I don't think she'll change her mind Jacob, just saying.

You can choose whether to pull something off of the car and keep it in your unzipped and unbuttoned pocket (great, we're definitely going to lose that at some point) or pull apart the fuel line like a savage.

I'm sorry...what? Those are my choices? The only choices? Let me choose for real. I'd go find Emma and tell her her breath has always smelled like a raccoon's asshole and her left leg is an inch shorter than the right, so it makes it hard to lean over when I make out with her because it hurts my back. I'd also tell her that her right eye is slightly off, her left nose hole is too big and she should get that ear pinned back because it doesn't match the other one.

She, of course, doesn't have any of those things wrong with her (not sure about the breath, actually), but it's just enough to give her a complex for the rest of her life and it's just enough that she would worry it's true and she wouldn't dare ask anyone if it's true. This way I wouldn't get in trouble and no one would think I'm an asshole, just a sad mac who is about to get some charity play, if you know what I mean...heyyyyyy, Abigail, how are you doing?!

I'm not evil guys. Not at all. Wink-wink.

I pulled something off the car and lost it later, only to have to go to the junkyard later to try to get another part. Just. Like. I. Said. Emma's not worth all of this and I know, because I got her killed, so I'm an expert. Chris Hackett gets all agitated that the van doesn't work and tells the group to stay inside for the night.

The group, of course, rejects that order and basically immediately makes a plan to have a party. Outside. You know, the exact opposite of what Chris said. Well, you know, we wouldn't have a game unless we had some stupid people running all around, so I'm for stupidity in this instance.

The group splits up and you get to make some choices for each of the characters about whether they will survive or not. The first thing we see as they split up is a couple of hillbillies in the woods, watching the young adult morons as they split up. One hillbilly is a giant and is wearing some hip, totally trendy overalls he got from Serial Killers & Hillbillies R' Us and he's smeared with blood for some reason. There's some old hillbilly with him and he's also wearing the hippest, trendiest clothes you can get outside of Bass Pro Shops and is also smeared with blood.

They pound an obviously homemade sign into the ground that says "Hunting Season". I mean, at this point I just assumed they were hunting the beast in the basement, not the idiots about to have a party, but maybe some people playing the game were fooled. Not me, sir, not me.

The group finds various items as you explore the area and meet back up at the bonfire someone built. They start to play truth or dare and it ends up with Emma making out with Nick in a supremely gross manner, which pisses off both Jacob and Abigail.

Okay, Jacob has a right to be super pissed in my book because Emma is an asshole, but Abigail should only be mad at Emma for kissing a guy Abigail likes, not upset with Nick, as she seems to be. Both Jacob and Abigail run off in opposite directions into the creepy ass woods and Emma and Nick follow them.

Emma and Nick eventually find Jacob and Abigail and they essentially make up without anyone saying they are sorry. Um, okay, because that's how mature relationships work, sure. Jacob takes off to find some towels for Emma but gets caught in a trap in the woods and Abigail and Nick get attacked by a thing that looks a lot like the Wendigo in Until Dawn (2015). I guess there's just not going to be an effort to make the beast look any different than Until Dawn (2015) here, lol.

The beast is a werewolf, and there's probably not just one in the woods, which means several people are probably going to get attacked and either turned into werewolves or killed. Nick gets bit by a werewolf and Abigail runs for it. You get a chance to survive the encounter and I make it to safety okay. Jacob is approached by the giant hillbilly while in the trap and if you stay calm, he smears your face with some of his handy-dandy (I assume werewolf) blood to keep the beast freaks away, so I also made it to safety as Jacob.

Emma, on the other hand, makes it to a treehouse and promptly gets eaten when I make her investigate a strange noise that I am positive is a werewolf (I was right). I waved bye bye to that annoying asshole and laughed in pure unadulterated delight as she was eaten and I was finally free from her stupid commentary and asshole attitude. A felt a peace like I've never known, I tell you.

The group meanders along, trying not to get killed by the werewolves here and there and try to make a plan to escape the camp once they figure out they are being hunted. We figure out that the creepy cop is actually one of the Hackett's of the infamous Hackett's Quarry, most notably brother to Chris Hackett. The hillbilly's are also Hackett's and Chris has two children, one of whom was bit by the sort-of freak (Silas) when the sort-of freak show came to town.

See, Chris' son Caleb felt sorry for Silas who was the son of the fortune teller (Eliza) we've been talking to in the game. It turns out she made her son part of the show and encaged him to make some sweet, sweet cash, telling herself she was the best mom around and was giving him an outstanding life.

The sort-of freak show visited Hackett's Quarry for a show and the Chris Hackett took his kids (um, why?) because I guess there ain't shit to do in Hackett's Quarry and when the freak show comes to town, you go unless you want to watch reruns of COPS all night and eat your fourth bowl of shrimp-flavored Top Ramen Noodles.

Actually, if I remember correctly, Chris's son Caleb was appalled that there was a freak show and wanted to free Silas, so he asked Kaylee to help him set Silas free and she agreed to help. When Caleb and his sister Kaylee tried to free Silas, Silas bit Caleb and he was infected. In turn, Caleb ended up biting Kaylee at some point and she turned into a werewolf. Caleb also bit Chris, infecting him.

We also learn that Chris bit Max and after Travis Hackett found them in the basement he told them not to go into, he put Max and Laura in a jail cell over the summer. We see Max turn into a werewolf and Laura is chained to radiator near his cell by Travis so she can understand what they are dealing with. Of course, since she's like six inches from the front of the cell, Max scrapes her face with his talons and she turns into a one-woman pirate show, eye patch and all.

Laura and Max eventually escape the jail with some crafty ruse to trick Travis and Laura meets with the group to explain her side of things. She tells some of the group about how they are dealing with werewolves and that Chris Hackett is a actually werewolf (Who's shocked? Anyone? Anyone? No, okay, just checking). We learn that the Hackett family lives in a dilapidated mansion pretty close to the camp and we are introduced to the Hackett family, who, it turns out, know all about the werewolf curse and have been hunting Silas ever since he went Cujo and bit the shit out of Caleb.

The Hackett family consists of the mom/grandmother (Constance), dad/grandfather (Jedidiah), their three sons (Bobby, Chris and Travis) and two grandchildren (Caleb and Kaylee). So, basically, three out of seven are bit.

They hypothesize that if they kill Silas, everyone in that bite bloodline will go back to normal. Except, you know, they are inept and haven't been able to find him even though when Laura and friends eventually do find him, he's not really that hard to find and it's more sad than anything else. You have the option to save him or kill him when you find him and we learn around the same time that Silas' mother actually caused the fire that killed a lot of the sort-of freak show group, not Caleb and Kaylee.

We learn that Eliza is actually a ghost and she claims that she will haunt you forever if you kill Silas. I mean, are they making a sequel because the game is ending, so how exactly is this going to affect me, long-term? I do feel bad about killing Silas and the whole thing is messed up. He didn't deserve to get caged up and paraded about in a freak show by his own mother and he doesn't deserve to get killed, but his life does suck and he's just going to keep biting people if they encounter him.

We also never find out where the curse started from, if Silas was just born with a curse or if he got bit too. Either he was born with the curse or his mom slept with a wolf or werewolf or maybe a Great Dane when she got drunk that one night in Boston, I don't know. If you kill him, everyone who is still alive goes back to normal, which I guess is the happy ending? The best thing that happened in the whole game was Emma getting eaten by Max in the treehouse, just saying.

When I finished the game, the following people were alive: Travis, Max, Laura, Ryan, Jacob, Nick, Abigail, Dylan, Max, Laura, Bobby and Jedidiah. The people I purposely killed were Emma and Chris and I accidentally got Constance and Kaitlyn killed.

Final Thoughts:

I thought this game was a lot of fun and it looked amazing on the PlayStation 5. I liked Until Dawn (2015) a lot and this was extremely similar. I think that the game has a medium amount of replay value for me, so I will play it again and probably not try very hard to save Emma, but I won't purposely get her killed next time. Maybe. Who knows. It depends how annoying she gets.

Did you like this game? Have you played it? Do you want to play it? What system will you play it on? Do you think this game is like Until Dawn (2015)? Did you like Until Dawn (2015)? Who did you save and who did you get killed or kill off in The Quarry (2022) if you played it? Please share your thoughts below!



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