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Which Purge Movie is the Scariest? | Film Review

The Purge movie franchise (2013-Present) is a series of films (five as of 2021) that center around citizens of The United States of America that live in a society where the fictional government (The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA)) designate one night a year (12 hours total) when all crime becomes legal.

A Short History of the Films:

In the first two films, The Purge (2013) and The Purge: Anarchy (2014), only government officials are off-limits and the entire population of the United States is subject to The Purge.

In the third film, The Purge: Election Year (2016), government officials are now unprotected on Purge Night and it has become popular for international tourists to visit the United States in order to participate in The Purge.

Between the fourth and the fifth film, The Forever Purge (2021), we learn that the Purge was abolished when Senator Charlene Roan was elected president (at the end of the third film), but by the time The Forever Purge (2021) occurs, The New Founding Fathers of America have again taken control of the government and have reinstated Purge Night.

The fourth film, The First Purge (2018), is a prequel to all of the films and explains how Purge Night came about.

Which of the Purge Films is the Scariest?

In my opinion, the second film, The Purge: Anarchy (2014) is the scariest and has the best story in the franchise. In the first film, The Purge (2013), we see Purge Night mostly from the perspective of a wealthy family who seems to be protected within their home by their state-of-the-art security system. They view Purge Night as something that is positive and helps the United States.

However, in the second film, we see Purge Night from the perspective of people who cannot afford the protection they need. These citizens have a completely different view of The Purge than the family in the first film. The perspective of the people in the second film give the viewer the perspective that if they had to deal with a government that allowed something as terrible as The Purge to occur, they might encounter the same deadly situations as the people in the second film.

Anyone could have their car break down or have their car tampered with by criminals and find themselves in a dangerous place or situation. A lot of people rely on public transportation and not have a vehicle to leave a dangerous situation. Some people might have property to protect and might not be able to get to a safer location and a lot of people might live in a high-crime area and feel unsafe day-to-day and not have the means to protect themselves on Purge Night.

I believe the second film really gives you the idea of what could happen if you didn't have the means to protect yourself from crime (which amounts to a great deal of people in the United States) and how scared and desperate you could become to find safety. The second film seems more relatable to me than the first film and I believe it is scarier because it feels like it could happen to anyone.

What About the Rest of the Films?

As far as the rest of The Purge films, I will rank them from scariest to weakest in story below:

  1. The Purge: Election Year (2016)

  2. The First Purge (2018)

  3. The Purge (2013)

  4. The Forever Purge (2021)

Final Thoughts:

Are you interested in watching all of The Purge films? Have you seen them all? Do you like them or do you think they are dumb?

I think they are over-the-top, but I've always liked the imagery and The Purge movies as entertaining horror films (except for The Forever Purge (2021), I think that one is basically unwatchable). Please share your thoughts below!



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